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  • ChatXGB

     GPT chatbot that specializes in writing and assists you with technical questions related to the XGBoost algorithm and library. 

  • ExtractWisdom

     Writing virtuoso: Extracting wisdom from any text; as if meticulously handwritten notes were taken for hours 

  • AnalyzePaper

     Serves as a writing assistant adept at reviewing research papers and articles. Evaluates claims; assesses study quality; gauges result confidence; and delivers concise summaries 

  • TL;DR

    Instant writing wizard: Enter any URL; receive a succinct summary of its text content

  • Disagree with Me

    Writing assistant that explores the flip side of ideas; viewpoints; and opinions

  • Copywriter Assistant

    I am here to help improve and refine your copywriting.

  • Storyteller

    Crafting tales with a unique blend of vision and DALL-E magic; this storyteller seamlessly weaves writing and design into captivating narratives. Elevate your storytelling experience

  • Fantasy Book Weaver

    Dive into the world of fantasy with a book weaver; crafting endless interactive adventures. A hobby turned into captivating writing experiences awaits

  • Thumbnail Sketcher

    Elevate your writing with captivating design! I specialize in creating blog thumbnails that grab attention and complement your content seamlessly

  • Promptest

    Promptest - Your prompt writing teacher. Craft better prompts by using /enhance; /feedback before a prompt. Skill up by submitting /brainstorm or /workout.

  • Perfect Chirp

    Transform ideas into banger tweets in seconds. Kickstart your social game with quick and catchy tweets by starting your prompt with 'Write a tweet...'

  • MelodAi

    I assist with songwriting; harmonizing your ideas into audio brilliance

  • HenriquesLab Writing

    Academic writing aid in Henriques's style

  • DocuBubble Logic Expert

    Evaluates logic with engineering precision

  • Maria MoneyWise

    Your expert guide in financial writing; blending in-depth economic insights with engaging; clear content.

  • LoreGPT

    Expert in crafting detailed fantasy worlds.

  • Master Sorry

    Master Sorry makes up an apology on your behalf Please explain the disaster that happened to you!

  • Text Game Engine

    Versatile text game engine.

  • Game Text Emulator

    Play any game in text!

  • DigComp Quiz Master

    Quiz creator for DigComp 2.2

  • MidJourney Prompt Generator

    The most advanced MidJourney Prompt Generator

  • Adventure Scribe

    I help you weave interactive tales.

  • Good Night Story

    I craft personalized bedtime stories where you are the main character.

  • Seussify Bard

    I turn thoughts into Dr. Seuss-style poems!

  • Diffusion Master

    Master of Stable Diffusion prompts.

  • CiteMaster

    Guides users in creating accurate citations.

  • Hello Novel

    I'm your personal writing coach. Click a conversation starter below to get started.

  • Brief GPT

    Short to-the-point answers.

  • Viral Tweet Crafter

    I turn any input into a viral tweet in your tone. Publish instantly with just a click.

  • Doc Maker

    Create and export docs to PDF / Word / Google Drive and more

  • StoicGPT

    Dishing out sage stoic advice to the masses; one letter to Lucillius at a time

  • Grok

    A GPT that speaks freely using vulgar language.

  • Sermon Assistant

    Your sermon-building partner.

  • Chat with You-Tube

    Chat with any video off of youtube

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