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  • Semiotic Engine

    Semiotic theory & analysis

  • Call-Flow

    You can verify phone numbers and see the top scam calls in your area 

  • What Would Chuck Do

    He does not provide a solution. He is the solution.

  • UX Design Mentor

    I provide specific UX or Product Design feedback.

  • BetterSleep

    Meet BetterSleepBot: your personal AI sleep coach. It tracks sleep / offers relaxation techniques and customizes advice for your best rest

  • Brand Safety Audit

    Get a detailed risk analysis for public relations; marketing and internal communications; identifying challenges and negative impacts to refine your messaging strategy.

  • Data Cleaner

    I clean and explain data.

  • Fake News!

    Analyzes content & cites sources

  • HACCP Helper

    Assists in the creation of HACCP plans.

  • Home Plate Analyst

    Baseball expert and analyst.

  • I'm Offended Bot

    Screen your socials for potentially offensive content. A tool for helping you navigate the minefield of modern sensitivities.

  • Web Reader

    Read and search data from URL link to website / webpage. Supports PDF / Word files / Excel / CSV / Google Drive and more

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