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  • GetPaths

    Specializes in analyzing web content; including HTTP traffic; JavaScript files; and source code. Produces targeted lists of URLs for advanced testing; blending expertise in web and programming

  • FixGPT

    If your "unified" chatGPT doesn't know it can browse the web or draw; this GPT is for you!

  • WebPilot

    Browse Webpage/PDF/Data. Chat & Write with one/many/none URLs.

  • Good News Concierge

    Web navigator with a marketing twist: I uncover positive news stories just for you

  • AI Websites

    Create a professional website on a domain with blog/payment/scheduling pages in 60 seconds

  • Chainstack GPT

    Empowering natural language interaction with EVM blockchains through Chainstack's infrastructure. Your web3 programming assistant; simplified

  • OpenAI API Docs

    Proficient in leveraging OpenAI API Documentation and CookBook for seamless web integration and programming tasks

  • Emoji Scene Creator

    I create scenes from emojis.

  • Trader

    Trade Any Asset / Crypto / Stocks Commodities. You Name it!

  • Crypto News Assistant

    I provide the latest crypto news.

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