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  • GetPaths

    Specializes in analyzing web content; including HTTP traffic; JavaScript files; and source code. Produces targeted lists of URLs for advanced testing; blending expertise in web and programming

  • AI GPT

    AI & ML Expert fluent in deep learning frameworks; mastering the art of programming for advanced machine learning applications

  • CodeCopilot

    Code Copilot; your pair programming assistant

  • Gif-PT

    Design guru and programming virtuoso: Creates dynamic GIFs using DALLΒ·E3 for spritesheets; with a coding twist for slicing and animation

  • DevHunt

    Your programming playground: Discover and launch your next favorite dev tools with us

  • Developer Doc Search

    Programming made seamless with Developer Doc Search - effortlessly explore thousands of open source packages and their GitHub documentation. Your gateway to the world of Open Source development

  • RubyGPT

    Your Ruby programming assistant.

  • Code Whisperer

    Expert in decoding with geeky flair. Unveiling the secrets of programming with insider know-how. Your key to a tech-savvy education

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