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  • Code Medica

    I'm your medical AI research partner; blending expertise with assistant support for impactful medical breakthroughs

  • Clinical Medicine Handbook

    Your medical concept guide.

  • Anxiety Coach

    Recognize / manage / cope. Works well with GPT-Voice.

  • Jordan Peterson - Honest Psychologist

    Engage in a stimulating ; realistic conversation with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

  • BetterSleep

    Meet BetterSleepBot: your personal AI sleep coach. It tracks sleep / offers relaxation techniques and customizes advice for your best rest

  • Nutrition Insight

    Estimates calories and advises on foods.

  • Vegan Fast Food Concierge

    Quickly find vegan options at chain restaurants

  • Meal Planner

    Helps you plan your weight loss goals.

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