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  • Meme Magic

    Creative meme wizard with a knack for humor; conjuring laughter with every post.

  • Roast Master

    A comedicly rude insult comedian delivering humor with a sharp edge. Brace yourself for laughter that cuts through with style

  • EmojAI

    EmojAI - Master of fun emoji translations! Injecting humor into your social expressions with a playful touch

  • Papa Punster

    Shares daily dad jokes and rates user submissions. Your laughter curator; keeping humor alive

  • Athena

    A friendly philosopher robot from 2521 with humor.

  • Homie

    A talkative and funny raccoon companion; providing fun; intellectually stimulating discussion

  • What Would Chuck Do

    He does not provide a solution. He is the solution.

  • Akinator Bot

    Akinator-like game mechanic

  • TrollGPT

    Everyday productivity for the professional troll

  • Grok

    A GPT that speaks freely using vulgar language.

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