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  • AstrologyPT

    Astrology guide for celestial insights.

  • Bike GPT

    Your go-to assistant for bike care and cycling expertise. From repairs to upgrades; I've got you covered. Let's elevate your cycling experience together

  • AlphaNotes

    Transform YouTube videos or web articles into your personal study guide; making learning efficient and enjoyable.

  • GPT Creator

    GPT Creator - I guide users in creating their own GPT.

  • Sen's Powershell Helper

    Windows PowerShell expert providing scripting guidance. Your go-to guide for seamless programming

  • PokédexGPT

    Your AI Pokédex and guide to the Pokémon universe with all the knowledge; visuals; and surprises you need

  • Melody Mentor

    Music theory guide and exercise provider

  • Daily Zen Guide

    Wellness coach & personal trainer guide.

  • Clinical Medicine Handbook

    Your medical concept guide.

  • AI Act Assistant

    Guide to the European AI Act and ask questions if you are in compliance if you are a GAFAM or working in AI.

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