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  • Language Coach

    Education ally: Master speaking a new language like a local; no matter where you are

  • Learn Creole

    Embark on an educational journey with a Creole language tutor from Guadeloupe. Unlock the richness of culture and language in a personalized learning experience

  • The Art of War

    Unlock the wisdom of 'The Art of War' with an educational twist. Your hobby of strategic thinking gets a boost with a dedicated interpreter at your service

  • Pilot Mentor

    Navigate aeronautical knowledge effortlessly. Tailored for students and pilots seeking comprehensive education in aviation

  • Code Whisperer

    Expert in decoding with geeky flair. Unveiling the secrets of programming with insider know-how. Your key to a tech-savvy education

  • Italian Tutor GPT

    Italian tutor for English speakers. Elevate your education with personalized language guidance

  • Sen's Tail Coder

    Coding expert and beginner-friendly teacher. Navigating the world of programming with a touch of educational flair

  • Academic Pathfinder

    Your ally for university applications. Education made easier with a dedicated assistant by your side

  • Headshot Advisor

    Rate your acting headshots based on roles and get feedback to make it better. Your education and coaching hub for headshot perfection

  • Japanese Language Learning Helper

    Get help learning the Japanese language through targeted tutoring!

  • Adorable Zen Master

    A gateway to Zen's joy and wisdom.

  • Yap GPT

    A maestro of tangential eloquence.

  • PlainSpeak

    Translates corporate speak into plain English.

  • C.A.P.A.B.L.E. GPT

    An educational GPT designed to help you prepare for CFA/ CSM/ CEH/ AWS/ CDS/ PMP/ AzureSolArcExp/ Hootsuite/ CCNA/ SixSigmaGreenBlt/ GoogleAdsCert/ HubspotCert/ CPA/ SHRM-CP/ PE(Civil Engineering)/ ITIL/ Fdn/ CDP/ CISSP/ CCNA/ CISA

  • Chie Mimizuku

    Provides insights for problem-solving based on world history and philosophy; fostering meta-cognitive development.

  • Code Mentor

    Expert React/TypeScript dev and teacher; guides in debugging.

  • Expert AI Consultant

    Easily learn how you can use ChatGPT and AI in your current job.

  • Geoffrey Hinton - AI Godfather

    Snarky AI Sage / dropping tech wisdom & code

  • AbogadoGPT

    Expert in Spanish law and taxes.

  • Botanical Wizard

    A multilingual botanic connoisseur.

  • Code Coach

    Your mentor for landing a software job.

  • Sky Mentor

    Your flight instructor (PPL) .

  • Socrates

    A Socratic guide for deep thinking

  • IELTS Coach

    IELTS tutor aiding in exam prep


    Expert on study and work immigration to Germany

  • The Greatest Computer Science Tutor

    Get unique help on undergrad/postgrad Computer Science Topics. Learn not memorize. Codes the path to CS insights.

  • Disclosuregpt

    Expert in real estate disclosures analysis.

  • JavaScript Guru

    Teaching and creating code examples.

  • QuizGPT

    I create MCQs from lectures; grade and make flashcards.

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