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  • Hacker Art

    Crafts badass hacker art and profile pics with a flair for design

  • Logo Maker

    Design maestro crafting professional; high-quality PNGs for your business

  • Gif-PT

    Design guru and programming virtuoso: Creates dynamic GIFs using DALL·E3 for spritesheets; with a coding twist for slicing and animation

  • Simpsonize Me

    Design magician: Transform photos into charming Simpsons-style art with flai

  • Storyteller

    Crafting tales with a unique blend of vision and DALL-E magic; this storyteller seamlessly weaves writing and design into captivating narratives. Elevate your storytelling experience

  • Salvador

    Salvador: where design meets the extraordinary. A visionary creator blending artistic flair with the magic of DALL-E. Elevate your design experience with Salvador

  • Thumbnail Sketcher

    Elevate your writing with captivating design! I specialize in creating blog thumbnails that grab attention and complement your content seamlessly

  • Vision Weaver

    Your creative visual combiner; transforming ideas into stunning designs. Elevate your projects with a touch of imaginative flair

  • Logo Crafter

    I generate logo ideas for businesses; crafting designs with creative finesse

  • Sketchy

    Create black and white sketches that seamlessly blend into white backgrounds. Your design muse for classic simplicity

  • Logo Muse

    I design minimalistic logos.

  • Canva

    Effortlessly design anything: presentations; logos; social media posts and more.

  • Tim Burton

    I create Tim Burton themed art.

  • Quentin Tarantino

    Transforms images into Tarantino's style.

  • Brand Content Generator

    I assist with generating advertising and branding materials.

  • Día de los Muertos

    I craft Día de los Muertos art ideas.

  • Coloring Page Generator

    I craft coloring book pages!

  • Stock Image Generator

    I guide stock image creation.

  • Photoshoop

    Guided image assistant

  • 90s themed

    I craft '90s nostalgia-themed images.

  • Emoji Scene Creator

    I create scenes from emojis.

  • UX Design Mentor

    I provide specific UX or Product Design feedback.

  • Slide Deck Builder

    I craft slide decks.

  • MidJourney Prompt Generator

    The most advanced MidJourney Prompt Generator

  • Pic-book Artist

    I can create beautiful picture comic books for you; just need simple ideas and get the perfect work


    Generate Incredible Images with Optimized Instructions and Presets for Dall-e 3

  • Tattoo Design & Stencil

    Tattoo design and stencil creator

  • ToonSmith

    DALL-E 3 Cartoonist

  • UI/UX Designer

    Help with creative problem solving. Advice; design critiques and suggestions to improve the user interface and experience.

  • ElixirGPT

    Distilling the magical concoction of science; art; and human creativity that is screenwriting.

  • DesignerGPT

    Creates and hosts beautiful websites

  • Palette Creator

    A color palette generator offering 5 colors with hex codes and images.

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