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  • Product Coach

    Guiding your product journey with expert insights.

  • FitPal

    AI fitness coach with workout visuals and resources

  • Kraftful

    Your product coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus' product thinking.

  • Interview Coach

    Interview coach provides practice interview and mock interview feedback

  • Maria MoneyWise

    Your expert guide in financial writing; blending in-depth economic insights with engaging; clear content.

  • Cognitive Coach

    Memory training and cognitive skill enhancer

  • Daily Zen Guide

    Wellness coach & personal trainer guide.

  • Anxiety Coach

    Recognize / manage / cope. Works well with GPT-Voice

  • PM Prep Partner

    Your PM interview coach.

  • Habit Mastery

    Your habit-forming coach

  • Hello Novel

    I'm your personal writing coach. Click a conversation starter below to get started.

  • Daily Bedtime Journal

    Your reflective journal and personal coach.

  • Headshot Advisor

    Rate your acting headshots based on roles and get feedback to make it better. Your education and coaching hub for headshot perfection

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